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Scheduled Showings vs Open Houses

Viewing homes takes preparation and advanced planning.  Handling this can be overwhelming if going about it alone.  Finding a skilled Realtor to help you with your search takes the pressure off and allows you as a Buyer to do what you do best... view homes in a relaxed environment to best analyze how it fits your wants and needs.  Allow me to help you enjoy the process of finding your next home.   

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What happens in a sellers market when people stop selling?

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People are staying in their homes longer, but there are plenty of areas of the country with lots of selling, so get to know your area.


Why the Mortgage Rate 'Spread' is Suddenly So Steep

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A variety of factors have contributed to rising mortgage rates recently, but there's one culprit that might only be apparent to those familiar with the inner workings of the mortgage market. 

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