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Real estate decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to take an informed approach. Through this service offering, you can count on me to guide you in every step of the process.

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What Appraisers Are Looking For


The home appraisal process can be a stressful time, whether you're buying or selling a property. It's the job of the appraiser to find the fair market value of the home. If their findings don't match the buyer's offer, there can be delays in the transaction. But if you know what appraisers look for, you might be able to prevent your house sale from running into problems.

Characteristics of Home Buyers

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  • First-time buyers made up 31% of all home buyers, a dip from last year’s 33%.

  • The typical buyer was 47 years old this year, and the median household income for 2019 rose again this year to $96,500.

  • 12% of home buyers purchased a multi-generational home, to take care of aging parents, because of children over the age of 18 moving back home, and for cost-saving.

  • 18% of recent home buyers were veterans and 2% were active-duty service members.

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  • Most recent buyers who purchased new homes were looking to avoid renovations and problems with plumbing or electricity at 44%. Buyers who purchased previously-owned homes were most often considering a better overall value at 35%.

  • Home prices increased slightly this year to a median of $272,500 among all buyers. Buyers typically purchased their homes for 99% of the asking price.

  • The typical home that was recently purchased was 1,900 square feet, had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and was built in 1993.

  • Heating and cooling costs were the most important environmental features for recent home buyers, with 83% finding these features at least somewhat important.