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Simon & Juan, Buyer

Amazing Experience with Molly as First-Time Out-of-Town Homebuyer

As a first-time home out-of-town homebuyer during a pandemic, I would expect a lot of trouble and inconveniences that could take months to find our dream home. Luckily, we found Molly through referral and the experience could not be more enjoyable and stress-free. Molly is very knowledgeable to the local housing market, listens and takes notes of what my partner and I care for our first home, is very patient with all our request, and is super organized to arrange the house visits etc. With her help, we are able to find and purchase our dream home within 2 months. During the closing and after the closing, Molly continues to help us arrange the various fixes with her broad network, without us present since we are out of town. We are able to move into our new home with everything taken care of. Truly 100% worry-free and satisfaction. I truly recommend Molly to anyone who is planning to purchase or sell a property. We will definitely work with Molly again when we are looking to upgrade our primary home in 5-7 years timeframe!

Molly is simply Great!

I contacted Molly to sell my home in the summer of 2020- right in the middle of Covid shut downs. Molly quickly assessed my property and developed a comprehensive game plan to sell my house in this unusual market. Her unique knowledge of our local real estate scene proved indispensable throughout the process.

Molly offered years of experience and expertise to navigate each step of the sale. From assistance with upgrades and design to specific market strategies to maximize results, Molly handled it all with professionalism. All the while being responsive, friendly and a genuine collaborator.

I could not have had a better experience with Molly handling my home sale, and I have the results to prove it!

Mike M., Seller

Experience with Molly

Molly is knowledgeable and professional, while being a tiger and fighting for our best interest every step of the way. We had another agent originally with an escrow that ended up cancelling. At that time we made the decision to change agents and are so glad we made the change to Molly. Her experience got us through the early Covid market ups and downs and finally a sale. She mastered all the regulations professionally with still drawing interest to our property. Molly also made sure to focus on the quality of our home so items that many people don’t normally notice, get noticed, and make our house stand out above others. I’ll be using Molly for my next sale and any future ones.

Dawn B., Seller

First Time Home Buyer

Molly was great! Being a first time home buyer we had a lot of questions some fears and didn't really know what to expect, but Molly put us at ease right away!

We know a lot of realtors but decided to go with Molly because of her experience and knowledge, especially about real estate in the South Bay.

Our biggest challenge was to find an affordable home in the South Bay. Molly understood our budget and desire to stay in the South Bay near our family and friends. Molly knew what we were looking for and she quickly had some places for us to look at. Molly was so patient with us, going from house to house and explaining the pros and cons of each place, never did we feel rushed or forced to buy a place.

Once we found the right home for us, Molly was amazing at taking us through the various steps from placing an offer, to counter-offers, etc. She explained what each step was and was always available if we had any questions. 

After our offer was accepted and escrow began Molly was right there with us. It is a daunting task to buy a home, but Molly made the process easy. Her experience as a realtor came through in every way.

The great thing about working with Molly is the way she puts you at ease at every step. Molly checked in with us all the time, especially during escrow when the realtor is not that involved, she explained what was going on and let us know what to expect.

All and all working with Molly was a wonderful experience!

Carrie & Misty, Buyer


A True South Bay Expert

Working with Molly simplified the real estate process and exceeded every one of my expectations. She understands the South Bay market and leveraged that knowledge to get the highest possible price.  Molly is a consummate professional - responsive, attentive and honest, and I look forward to working with her again.

Brett H., Buyer/Seller

Sam & Taylor S., Buyer

5-Star is an Understatement...Molly Graw is a Realtor Dream!

My husband & I were not necessarily on a housing hunt, so when we randomly came across a home that we were really interested in & knew how aggressive the market was, we panicked that we didn't have a realtor or any idea where to start with the home buying process. Molly had come highly recommended to us, so we reached out to her immediately. Let's just say this was the BEST decision we could've ever made! She was so responsive, knowledgeable, & reassuring from the second we first contacted her. The experience only got better from there! We were late in the game when it came to everything & she quickly caught us up to speed with where we needed to be in terms of getting us prepared in case we wanted to make an offer right away & stay competitive with other buyers. Next thing we knew, we had a viewing set up (it was incredibly helpful that Molly knew everyone & had an outstanding reputation in the industry.) We loved the home but had to rely on her opinions for everything since we hadn't seriously looked around at anything else. She was always very honest with us, & went above-&-beyond to make sure she had answers to all of our questions. She knew so much about the area & comparisons to begin with but even took the extra time to walk the neighborhood & ask additional questions of neighbors/nearby businesses to make sure she knew every little detail about this particular property. Her questions were more thorough than anything we would have thought to ask! During our offer process, she literally lead us by hand through the entire thing - & even though we weren't the highest offer on the table, we ended up getting the home of our dreams! We couldn't believe it & we swear it was all due to Molly & her expertise! We'd write more if we could since this was truly only the beginning of her helpfulness. A year later & she's still a vital part of all of our housing questions & our lives in general. We continue to be SO grateful for her guidance & friendship through it all!

Drew & Hanna, Buyer

First-time buyers and we needed a LOT of help!

We were first time home buyers and did not know exactly what we wanted in a home. Thankfully, Molly was able to walk us through the entire process start to finish. We visited a number of open houses with her, and her expertise really helped shine some light on features - good and bad- that we would not have otherwise noticed. She also had a good rapport with all the seller agents we came across, which made setting up showing times a breeze. 

After months of searching, we came across our dream spot. Escrow was very difficult but we were so incredibly fortunate to have Molly by our side. She really went above and beyond in assisting us through the escrow process, which included a few late night and weekend phone calls that I don't think every agent would have been receptive to! In the end, it all came together. 

Molly was exactly what we needed from an agent-organized, communicative, and extremely knowledgeable about the South Bay and different neighborhoods. We look forward to working with her again in the future for any home buying/selling.


Dean & Beth F., Buyer

Outstanding Realtor!

Molly is by far one of the most professional, trustworthy and hardworking realtors we have ever used. She diligently worked with us for over 3 years from our initial move to the South Bay securing rental homes for our family while we searched for the right house to purchase. Always pleasant and patient, she never wavered in her commitment to finding the best home that met our specific needs and lifestyle. Molly is extremely knowledgeable in her field and the marketplace. Our home purchase went smoothly because of her care and attention to detail and she remained a call away for any help after the sale. Not only is Molly a “gem” for homebuyers, but also she is extremely well-liked and respected by other realtors. She is truly a one of a kind realtor and we would use her again and again. She far exceeded our expectations!


Chris & Kim H., Buyer/Seller

Absol​ute Pro

To put it simply, Molly is just the best. We were introduced to her 8 years ago when we were looking to purchase our first home. We had absolutely no clue what we were getting ourselves into. Bonus that I had a toddler and was pregnant at the time, so emotions were a bit high… From the moment we first met, Molly was just an absolute pro. She answered every question we had, and many times answered the same question over and over again in different ways so that I would fully understand everything that I was doing, and all of the papers that I was signing.  After the purchase was complete and we were moved in, Molly would check in to see how we were doing. Fast forward 5 years and the kids were a little bigger and the first home seemed a little smaller than it had and I called molly to get a recommendation for someone to help us add some space. Little did we know that this chat would end up with Molly finding us the most amazingly perfect dream home less than four blocks from our first home! This new property had all of the extra space that we were looking for, including a gorgeous ocean view and a huge yard. Less than a month later we were selling our starter home and moving into our dream home, all under Molly's professional guidance. Having never sold a home before, this experience was also new to us and came with its own challenges, not to mention some pretty solid emotions. Again Molly handled everything so beautifully and gracefully and the whole process, although actually quite complicated, went off without a hitch. 

  And then, as life is nothing if it’s not a journey, we decided to sell our dream home, buy a trailer, and go explore the country for awhile… All during the unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown. Molly navigated this constantly changing and complete surreal landscape with absolute grace and professionalism and was able to help us achieve this next step in our own story. I feel so fortunate to have had Molly by our side through all of these real estate adventures. I felt comfortable and totally supported every step of the way.

An Absolute Pleasure

Molly is incredibly knowledgeable and well connected in the South Bay. She can connect you with anyone anywhere within Hermosa, Manhattan Beach or Redondo - no exaggeration! 

She is incredibly kind and available to answer questions 24 / 7 over text and email or phone. She is extremely professional and warm and made time for us to see every house we wanted. Not pushy one bit!  She helped take care of all the inspections and on top treated us with a really nice gift for our home purchase.

Garg Family, Buyer

Aimee H., Buyer/Seller

Beyond Professional, Extraordinarily Hard-Working, Caring... a Total Rockstar

My husband and I bought our first house from Molly back in 2007. We lived there for 12 years, and when we sadly decided to split, Molly was one of the only decisions we agreed on. I was in such a desperate state and really needed a leader who was clear and decisive while working with my specific needs and timeline. Molly was so respectful of my situation, and completely engaged in what needed to be done. She provided references for painters, stagers, landscapers and more. At one point I walked in my house and she had her high heels off to climb ladders and change lightbulbs. I truly couldn't do it without her and her support meant everything. She was a realtor and a friend, she knew when to step in, and also when to step out. She provided helpful information, and then allowed us to make our own decisions - and championed our choices! Our house had 3 offers after the first open house, and when the best offer fell through and someone else backed out, she hustled on the phone, made about a dozen calls and had 2 more solid offers in 36 hours. The house was sold! We truly felt like we were her only clients, and I know she has plenty more. Her time, her advice, her commitment was beyond my expectations. I'm forever grateful.  An additional, but crucial point - Molly also helped me and my daughter find an unbelievable rental that offered us a true home after a difficult time. She was even a reference for me. And, finally - she loved and looked out for our dog, just a puppy, who was very excitable and anxious with all that was going on. I really don't know the words to thank her for all she had done. She is just the best.                  

Molly is the Best!

I can say that working with Molly was a dream. She is very capable and trustworthy which is hard to come by these days. Once we started the process she was able to take charge and got what we were looking for in a timely fashion, could not be happier.

John B., Seller

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